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How To Catch Your Cheating Spouse? Get a Parrot.

I thought it would be great to end a hot summer week with three strange tales of  parrots ratting out their owners, who were committing adultery.  Thanks to Stephen Worrall at the Georgia Family Law Blog for finding this piece on DarnDivorce. :November 19, 1937: According to the LA Times, Mr. James J. Reynolds wanted to…
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A Parent’s Obligation to Pay for College Does Not Include Graduate Studies

A father, who had agreed to contribute to his child’s college education, was not responsible for contributing to the costs of the child’s post-graduate degree. In the recently decided case of Robinson v. Gerny (New York Law Journal) (subscription required), the Court ruled that “The word ‘college’ denotes attendance at an undergraduate program resulting in…
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How Much Child Support is Too Much – Ask 50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent is seeking a modification of the order which required him to pay $25,000 as child support for his son. According to ABC News, the mother says this amount is inadequate, particularly since 50 Cent earned $33 million last year. Child support is calculated as a percentage of income. Problems arise when the…
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The Basics of Divorce and Taxes

The Oklahoma Family Law Blog highlights some of the basic tax concerns that need be considered in connection with divorce. • Alimony is taxable and deductible. The person who provides alimony can claim the payments as a deduction, while the person who receives it can avoid a large end-of-year tax bill by paying estimated taxes…
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How is child support calculated in New York?

Child support in New York is calculated pursuant to the Child Support Standards Act ("CSSA") (Domestic Relations Law §240(1-b) and Family Court Act § 413(1)(b)). To simplify, CSSA provides that unless the court finds that the non-custodial parent's pro rata share of the "basic child support obligation" to be unjust or inappropriate after considering the…
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Divorce and Taxes: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

The Wall Street Journal in an article entitled Divorce: Counting Money Gets Tougher, highlights the common mistakes made by unwary litigants. These mistakes can have dire tax consequences. Some common blunders: Dividing a stock portfolio down the middle without checking for losses or gains -- which can trigger either a tax break or a big…
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What Are the Grounds for Divorce in New York

I have written a lot on this blog, about the fact that New York does not have a “No Fault” grounds for divorce. What that means is that in New York, in order to obtain a divorce, a party has to allege and prove grounds in order to obtain a divorce. So, what are the…
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What Effect does a Bankruptcy Filing Have on Child Support?

A bankruptcy filing does not discharge an obligation to pay child support.   To the contrary, since other debts are discharged, funds that might have been paid toward other debts can be freed up to pay child support. The Child Support Blog cites the recent case of  former NFL wide receiver André Rison to illustrate this…
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Children of Divorce Prescribed Ritalin Twice as Often

A new study appearing in the Canadian Medical Association Journal reports that children are twice as likely to be prescribed Ritalin after their parents divorce. According to Mind Hacks, Ritalin is the trade name for the amphetamine-like drug methylphenidate. It is typically prescribed for ADHD, a diagnosis which describes problems with staying focused, impulsiveness and…
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