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Bear Stock Market- Bullish on Divorce?

The New York Times and New York Magazine each report that the uncertain financial markets could lead to a “bull market” for divorce. The periodicals report that wealthy clients in the financial-services industry are being counseled to consider ending their unhappy marriages now, “as a way to cut losses on future payouts.” This mercenary theory…
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Loss of Medical Insurance Required to Be Disclosed In All Divorces

A new law  (Assembly bill A08273A) was recently enacted that requires parties in an action for divorce to be made aware of the potential loss of their health care coverage obtained through their spouse's health insurance. The law requires that any agreement between parties in a divorce action contain the following language:  I fully understand…
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Dogs and Divorce: Pet Custody

When a childless couple divorces there is generally no issue of custody, except when there is a dispute about who will get custody of the four legged family members. The ABA Journal E Report features a case in which a lawyer was appointed as guardian ad litem for a dog in a contested custody dispute.…
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A Romantic Divorce Diversion on the Symbolic Loss of a Wedding Ring

This is primarily a blog about New York divorce. In it, I have repeatedly written about people fighting over engagement rings or engaged in their epic divorce struggles.   For a change, on a hot summer day, I though I would acknowledge a touching and romantic piece from  The New York Times  on the loss of…
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Domestic Partnerships and the Continuation of Maintenance

Postings in two divorce and family law blogs highlight a growing conflict between the states on how to deal with a parties continuing obligation to pay alimony or maintenance, as it called in New York, if the former spouse enters into a domestic partnership. To frame the issue, what happens if you are obligated to…
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How to Prevent Divorce from Destroying Your Credit

Divorce, illness and a long term disability are the most common life events that have a catastrophic effect on a person’s financial well being.  All too frequently a person going through divorce watches as his/her credit rating is destroyed by the former spouse. The  Ask the Advisor Blog has some great tips for protecting your…
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