Monthly Archives: October 2007

How to Pick a Divorce Attorney

Victor J. Medina in the New Jersey Divorce and Family Law blog offers some good guidance in how to select a divorce attorney. I agree with Medina when he states a client should look for a divorce attorney who is flexible in style. I think all divorce attorneys hear some client question during at the…
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Changes in Child Custody Alters Child Support

Question- I had custody of my daughters from birth until they were 12 and 13. I voluntarily let them live with their father. Father didn't pay any child support until 2002 when I applied for it, and he was only ordered to pay $25 a month. Now the father is seeking support from me. Will…
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Ten Tips to Help Children Cope with Divorce

Darn Divorce provides some insightful tips on how to help children cope with divorce. 1. Tell children the truth in simple terms with simple explanations. Tell them where their other parent has gone. 2. Reassure them that they will continue to be taken care of and that they will be safe and secure. 3. Your…
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Bank Offers a Divorce Loan

In Japan, it is now possible to finance a divorce. According to the Financial Post, the Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank will become the first Japanese bank to provide unsecured loans to cover the costs of divorce. The loans are available to customers between the ages of 20 and 65 with an income of $2 million yen…
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How To Tell Your Children About Divorce

The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide has been running a series of Weekly Divorce Tips. This week’s tip offers some simple advice for a complex problem- How to tell your children that you are getting divorced. Telling your children about divorce is challenging, but essential. According to Gary Neuman, a psychotherapist and divorce expert who appeared on…
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Rich and Poor Equally Unhappy in Marriage?

Janet Langjahr in her Florida based divorce and family law blog, reports that money does not equate with happiness in marriage. Citing an article, The Rich and Unfaithful, in Forbes, she says that the wealthy are no happier in their marriages than the not as well off. About half of wealthy people describe themselves as…
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Grandparents Denied Visitation with Children of 9-11 Victim

The New York Law Journal (subscription required) reported that the parents of a victim of 9/11 were denied visitation with their grandchildren. I posted a couple of times in the recent past on the issue of grandparent visitation. According to the article in the Law Journal, after the death of the father, relations between the…
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The Failure to Read and Understand An Agreement Does Not Invalidate It

Yesterday, I noted that there seemed to be a rash of cases challenging the validity of prenuptial agreements. Today, I continue my review with a case the sends the message that you had better read and fully understand the agreement before you sign it, particularly if you are “well educated.” Blindly entering into an agreement…
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