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Even In Divorce, Cheaters Never Prosper

Divorce certainly brings out the worst in people. Some actions and behaviors are occasioned by malice or greed. Others are designed to get a perceived a tactical advantage in the divorce action. Regardless, as detailed in Cathy Meyer’s article, these Dirty Tricks of Divorce will, in all probability, end up harming your case more than…
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Hague Convention- New Provisions to Collect Child Support Abroad

The International Family Law Blog reports that new provisions have been drafted by the delegates to the Hague convention to assist in the collection of child support internationally.  According to a press release: A new Convention…designed to respond to the needs of children and other dependents by providing international procedures which are simple, swift, cost-effective,…
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Service By Publication Is a Relic of the Past

Adam Liptak, in his New York Times Sidebar column correctly questions the efficacy of requiring service by publication when a defendant in a legal action cannot be located. It is  universally accepted that no one really reads the legal notices published in newspapers. In a New York divorce action, the defendant must be personally served…
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Post Divorce and the Holiday Blues

I stumbled on these article,  about the holidays, loneliness and sadness brought about by  a change, like divorce. On Thanksgiving, as well as other holidays, most of us have an ideal of how the day should go. We want the house to look perfect, the children to be cooperative, the food to be delicious and…
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Court Equitably Distributes Enhanced Earning Capacity and Real Property

The Appellate Division in Mildy v. Mildy examined some of the factors considered in equitably distributing martial assets. In this case, the Court was confronted with the issues of equitably distributing the wife’s enhanced earning capacity and jointly held real property which was, in large part, paid for with the wife’s separate property. The Wife…
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How to Handle Gifts To One Spouse?

The Pennsylvania Family Law Blog poses the very practical question- what do to with a gift or inheritance received during a marriage? How can one insure that a gift to an adult child does not end up marital property subject to the other spouse’s claims? As the blog post points out, Generally, marital property means…
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