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Radio Interview This Saturday

I will be interviewed on WFUV-FM (90.7) this Saturday, December 29, at 7:30 a.m. on the program “Cityscape.” The interview will cover a wide range of issues on the subject of divorce. If you are not an early morning riser, the broadcast will be available as a podcast. When it becomes available, I will post…
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Children and Holiday Visitation – Part 2

After I posted 10 Tips to Help Children of Divorce Deal with the Holidays, I was interviewed by Lawyers USA about the issues that crop up around the holidays about holiday visitation. The article was written by Jason Rebello.  Lawyers USA graciously granted me a reprint permission.   With the holiday season fast approaching, family…
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Ten Tips to Help Children of Divorce Deal with the Holidays

Divorce, visitation and holidays-three things, that when combined, raise divorced parents’ blood pressure and put a lot of stress on their children. There are some things you can do to  make the holidays a little more bearable. The Divorce Law Journal highlights ten tips to help children enjoy the holidays: Give your children permission to…
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Spouse Who Had an Affair Denied a Divorce

A husband was justified in abandoning his wife after she admitted having an adulterous relationship. When the wife sought a divorce after her husband left her, her abandonment claim was dismissed. The New York Legal Update provides the details of the case of Kaplan v. Kaplan: In that case, during a marital counseling session, the…
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Justice Delayed, Justice Denied

The New York Times today reported how in the Bronx Family Court,   Elevator Woes Slow Justice. The eye opening article details how, because of broken elevators, litigants wait in line for hours to get an elevator to a court room resulting in missed court dates or, even worse, dismissed cases.   The Family Court is…
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Court Dismisses Appeal of Litigant Who Disobeys Court Orders

In a fascinating case, the Appellate Division, as a punishment, dismissed the appeal of a litigant who deliberately and continuously disobeyed court orders. In the case Wechsler v. Wechsler, a husband was ordered to pay to his wife $22,770,623 as equitable distribution. The husband filed an appeal and refused to pay any part of the…
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Bribing the Judge To Be Considered As a Factor in Awarding Equitable Distribution

Illegal conduct, like bribing the judge in your divorce case, may be considered as a factor in awarding equitable distribution. Domestic Relations Law §236(B)(5)(d) provides a laundry list of factors to be considered by a court in distributing marital property. The thirteenth factor is the catch-all “any other factor which the court shall expressly find…
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The Top Five Mistakes of Divorce

I was quoted in an article on AOL highlighting the Top Five Mistakes to Avoid in a Divorce. According to the article, the top five mistakes are: 1.Failing to be prepared with copies of all relevant financial and legal documents; 2.Failing to obtain financial advice as part of the divorce. Parties often fail to consider…
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Divorce: Bad for the Environment?

Everyone is aware of the emotional and economic costs of divorce, but a new study shows that divorce negatively impacts the environment as well. The basis for this claim is that each time a marriage dissolves the result is two new households using more utilities and other natural resources. "A married household actually uses resources…
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