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The Name Game After Divorce: Married Name or Maiden Name

Incident to the divorce, the wife has the option of returning to the use of her maiden name. The decision to return to a maiden name is highly personal. The blog,   Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce, offers up one woman’s struggle with the dilemma over her name. Initially decided to return to my…
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What Not To Do During the Divorce: Rudy Giuliani, a Case Study

In an interesting piece on the Huffington Post, Stacy Schneider opines that Rudy Giuliani’s “Nasty Divorce” reveals why he may be unfit to be president. Politics aside, the former mayor’s divorce is a primer on what not to do during a divorce. The divorce was a vicious, go-for-the-jugular, corrosive slugfest, with Rudy seemingly pulling the…
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Q&A on Lex Blog

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rob La Gatta of Lex Blog on my experiences as a blogger. You can read the interview here. This interview is part of a series Rob is doing, in which he explores all aspects of blogging and legal practice.
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How to Prevent Divorce From Hurting Your Credit

Your credit rating could be hurt by divorce. As part of divorce, you distribute not only your assets, but your debts and obligations as well. An in-artfully drawn marital agreement may provide that one spouse will assume the liability for a joint debt. However, an agreement apportioning joint liability between you and your spouse is…
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New Clementlaw web site

I just wanted to announce the debut of the new and much improved Clementlaw web-site. The Practice Areas part of the site provides some useful and practical information about divorce, separation, child custody, equitable distribution, the different types of marital agreements and other areas under the broad umbrella of family law practice. You are invited…
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Post Nuptial Agreements Popularity Continues

Citing a recent New York Times article, Victor Medina in the New Jersey Divorce and Family Law Blog, comments on the rise in the use of post-nuptial agreements. Mr. Medina gives a great description of what post- nuptial agreements really are: What are “post-nuptial agreements”? Well, unlike pre-nuptial agreements, which deal with parties interested in…
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This blog was created as a resource of news, information, and analysis on divorce and family law for the people of New York. Daniel Clement Daniel is a New York divorce attorney and principal in the Law Offices of Daniel E. Clement. He has practiced law since 1986, and has written and lectured on various…
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Does Cohabitation Terminate the Payment of Maintenance

While I took a short break from writing this blog, the Appellate Divisions have been very active, having decided several matrimonial cases of interest. In the next couple of posts, I will try to catch-up and discuss some of these recently decided cases. In Graev v. Graev, the First Department, sought to answer the question,…
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