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Adultery Does Not Have To Mean Divorce

An adulterous relationship does not necessarily always lead to divorce. The blog, Domestic Diversions offers insight on how to save your marriage after an affair. The adulterer must be willing to disclose all the details of his affair and agree to new degrees of openness, says Rick Reynolds, founder of the Affair Recovery Center in…
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Out-Of -State Support Orders Cannot Be Modified in New York

In this day and age in which parties obtain an order regarding child support in one state and then move to another jurisdiction, it is important to know that the original support order cannot be modified or even extended by a court in the second state, so said the New York Court of Appeals in…
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Tips to a Successful Divorce

For some reason, Valentine’s Day brings on lots of articles about divorce. Jonathan Clements (no relation) wrote an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal about his “fairly successful” divorce. Success, he properly points out, does not mean he took his ex-wife to the cleaners or that he extracted every concession he could from her.…
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No Representations As To Results in this Blog

The other day I received a telephone call from one reader of this blog. The caller questioned whether I was one of the attorneys in the case I commented on. When I said that I was not in any way connected to the case, the caller asked, would there have been a “better” result if…
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False Abuse Claims and Interference With Visitation Leads to Loss of Custody

Every once in awhile, there is a reported case where one parent’s interference with the rights of the other parent, results in the interfering parent’s loss of custody. I have written about this problem before. Nikolic v. Ingrassia presents another such case where unfounded claims of abuse  by one parent resulted in a loss of …
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Appeals Court Recognizes Canadian Gay Marriage

A New York appeals court unanimously ruled that a gay couple's marriage in Canada should be recognized in New York. As pointed out in the Sui Generis-a New York Law Blog, at issue in Martinez v. County of Monroe was whether Monroe Community College properly denied health care benefits to the female partner of a…
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