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Wave of Same-Sex Divorce to Follow Flood of Marriages?

Following up on yesterday’s posting is this article, in today’s New York Post, (in which I was quoted). The floodgates have opened; there will be thousands of same-sex marriages performed in California in the near future. In the aftermath, I anticipate a wave of same sex divorces. At least, one court has already recognized the…
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Same Sex Marriage Stimulates Economy

In an environment where every day we are greeted with news about the troubled economy, we are thankful for any sign of economic growth. Today, California began performing same sex marriages which may provide a boost to the local California economy. The New York Times reported that: The potential windfall of same-sex marriage was underscored…
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Why Hire an Attorney to Handle Your Divorce?

Mark Wortman in the Missouri Divorce and Family Law Blog supplies multiple answers the question, why do you need a lawyer. Among the reasons given are:  The attorney can take much of the burden off of the litigant, reduce the length of the case, and hopefully negotiate a settlement where everyone wins and nobody goes…
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To Appeal or To Not To Appeal: Statistics

In any litigation, in which the court must render an order or judgment, there is a winner and there is a loser. Sometimes, the court will even telegraph its decision, in advance, in order to facilitate a settlement discussion. Most clients, when informed of an adverse decision (or even the potential for one), will, as…
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