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Massachusetts to Allow Foreign Same Sex Marriage

Massachusetts will soon allow same sex couples from other states to wed reports theSteven Ballard in the Massachusetts Divorce & Family Law Blog. As I previously reported, while New York will not allow same sex couples to wed, it will recognize as valid, marriages performed in jurisdictions that allow same sex marriage. I guess New…
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YouTube Divorcee Loses in Court

The verdict is in - it is no shock that the Youtube videos of Tricia Walsh-Smith back fired. I previously wrote about how Mrs. Walsh-Smith lashed out against her husband Philip J. Smith in the her now famous YouTube video.   In the video, Ms. Walsh-Smith discusses, her marriage, the unfairness of her pre-nup, her marital…
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After Divorce, Update Your Will

It is always a good idea after a divorce to update your will or to change the beneficiary designations on your insurance policies and investment accounts. Prior to the divorce it was likely that your wife was your heir or beneficiary. After your divorce, you may not want your ex to benefit from your death.…
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Recession and Divorce

I was featured in an article on about divorce during the recession. Quoting Billy Joel’s lyric, “They started to fight when the money got tight. . .” I have definitely noticed an increase in work, telephone inquiries about divorce and even traffic to this blog as the economy soured. My experience, according to the…
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Lessons From the Tabloid Divorces

A-Rod, Christie Brinkley, Madonna. There is no escaping it. Divorce is all over the news. The tabloids (and their readers) are eating it up. The issues in these celebrity divorces are, in large measure, the same as those of everyone else. Granted - few of my cases involve the wealth of someone like A-Rod. These…
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State Bar Provides Video on New York Divorce

The New York State Bar Association has produced a video “The Divorce Process in New York: What you Need to Know “ which can be viewed online by hitting the hyper-link. The video provides a good overview of the law in New York, covering  topics such as child support, maintenance, equitable distribution and domestic violence.…
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