Monthly Archives: August 2008

Do-It Yourself Divorce: Stay Away

Shannon Cavers in The Houston Texas Divorce and Family Law Blog details her observations of a litigant who retained one of the so-called “do-it yourself” divorce services to secure a divorce and then encountered problems. These services routinely advertise over the internet about how they are the supposed low cost alternatives to a divorce lawyer.…
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Health Insurance: A Consideration in Divorce

The New York Times ran a front page story detailing how the availability of medical insurance has become a major consideration in the decision to divorce or to wed. In a poll conducted this spring by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a health policy research group, 7 percent of adults said someone in their household had…
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The Preliminary Conference: What Is It?

A preliminary conference will be, for most, the first, if not the only court appearance in a contested divorce in New York. I like to think of the preliminary conference as the first opportunity to formally eliminate and identify issues in the case. Once the issues in dispute are identified, the timeline is set for…
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