Monthly Archives: December 2008

Holiday Greetings From The Divorce Report

This is a great time of the year to take stock of all that we have to be grateful for. Even readers of this blog, who are, presumably, engaged in some type of matrimonial action, whether it be a divorce or a child custody case should be able to find something to be thankful for,…
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Tips to Make the Holidays Better For the Children of Divorce

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, Newsweek offers guidance to divorced parents on how to make the holidays better for their children. Admittedly, the holidays are the most difficult and painful times for families broken apart by divorce. Both parents want to maximize their time with their children. Even the best intentioned parent may…
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Divorce Should Always Be An Option

I recently came across pretty naive article in which Ashia Sims, a relationship examiner, opined that marriage should be forever and divorce should not be an option. While the idea that that marriage is forever is highly appealing and very romantic, it is premised on an overly simplistic or idealized view that two people are…
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