Monthly Archives: January 2009

My Move and a Television Appearance

It has been a grueling, but eventful week. Not only was I busy practicing law, but I moved my office to new quarters. During this time, a television interview I had given aired. As part of the move, I had to go through the files of my past clients, which gave me cause to reflect.…
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What Makes an Agreement Between Spouses Unconscionable

Just because an agreement between spouses splits assets in an unequal or one-sided basis does not render the agreement unconscionable. It has long to the policy of courts to hold parties to the terms of their agreements. An agreement between spouses, which is fair on its face, will be enforced even if one party received…
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Married in New York?

New York City is making a big play to challenge Las Vegas to become a marriage destination. As reported on Next week the city opens its new, 24,000-square-foot Manhattan Marriage Bureau following $12 million in renovations to the building. (The mayor tapped his personal interior designer, Jamie Drake, to do the job.) . .…
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The Housing Crisis: An Obstacle To Divorce-Is This A Good Thing?

Last week’s article in the NY Times about how difficult divorce has become as a result of the housing crisis has stirred up quite a bit of debate. The Times notes that: In a normal economy, couples typically build equity in their homes, then divide that equity in a divorce, either after selling the house…
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