Monthly Archives: March 2009

Same Sex Divorce- Granted!

As I predicted in this blog, same sex divorce has come to New York. A Supreme Court judge in Broome County has granted a same-sex Binghamton couple a divorce. As pointed out at, this divorce is a bit ironic. New York doesn't allow same-sex marriages, but state Justice Molly R. Fitzgerald allowed Lauren Wells-Weiss…
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Who is Responsible for Debts?

One of the most recurring question I am asked  from people considering divorce is:" Am I responsible for my spouse's debts and liabilitie?"     Most recently, i  answered that very question, on Linked In. Question- I'm about to break up with my wife. While we are separated I do not want to be responsible for debts…
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The Rights of Unwed Fathers

The rights of unmarried fathers of children were in the news with the recent reports about Sarah Palin’s daughter’s break up with her boyfriend. I was, in fact, quoted in one such article that appeared in the New York Daily News. Like their married counterparts, unwed fathers have the right to custody and visitation of…
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When Couples Cannot Afford to Split

There has been much ado about the effects of the economy on divorce. Those who need to sell the marital home to fund their fresh start may now feel imprisoned in their marriage. With greater frequency, those unable to sell their home are forced to continue to cohabit with their spouse. The Daily News featured…
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Post Divorce Estate Planning Tips

After the bitter fight to acquire valuable assets in your divorce, you may not want to face your own mortality, but should you die and your ex is still designated as the beneficiary of your life insurance or will, all the litigating and negotiating will have been in vain. Alan Nye in the Maine Divorce…
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