Monthly Archives: May 2009

Divorce For Profit?

Much has ado has been made of the pilots being sued by Continental Airlines because they divorced in order to get partial distributions of their pensions. As reported in Freakonomics: Continental Airlines is suing nine of its pilots, reports ABC News, claiming they faked divorces in order to draw down their pension funds before retirement.…
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Husband’s Emails Admissable in Divorce

In case that seems to be splitting hairs, a judge ruled that emails culled by a wife from her husband’s on-line account did not constitute eavesdropping and were, therefore, admissible at trial. Had the emails been intercepted while “in transit” to the husband, the wife would have guilty of eavesdropping under Penal Law Sec. 250.00.…
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What To Do If My Wife Threatens to Call 911?

I was asked the following question on the Law Guru website My wife and I are having problems. We are proposing a temp. separation. Things are getting heated, with demands and threats... ''If I don't do as she wishes or says'' she will call 911. I avoid her as much as possible, most of the…
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