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The Divorce Considerations of Jon and Kate: A Shameless Plug

In the middle of preparing for a complicated custody trial, I was contacted by Smart Money to discuss the divorce considerations of Jon and Kate. (I may have been the only person in America not to know who they are – fortunately, my wife filled me in.) The article, in which I am extensively quoted,…
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Divorce and Social Networking – New Rules

Remember the YouTube spectacle of Tricia Walsh Smith who publicly humiliated her husband and, ultimately, herself. In the age of social networking, new rules of apply to couples going through divorce. The rules, as compiled by Time, can succinctly be boiled to one- “Discretion is the better of valor.” 1. Don’t brag. Your claims of…
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Loss of Medical Insurance After Divorce

Generally, one spouse is insured under the other’s employer sponsored medical plan. Ever wonder what happens if the insurer is not informed about the divorce? The New Jersey Law Blog provides the frightening details of one such case. William Roseman, the Mayor of Carlstadt in Bergen County, New Jersey, and his former wife, were convicted…
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Pre-Nuptial Agreements: A Smart Money Move

There are few certainties in life. However, one of life’s certainties is that all marriages will end, whether by death or divorce. At the end of marriage, whether by divorce or death, disputes over money and the disposition of marital assets may be inevitable. However, a pre-nuptial agreement can help lessen the potential for conflict…
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