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Married in New York: Become a Fan

In order to have real conversations about marriage and divorce  (and everything in between), I started a fan page Married in New York. Please check it out.   Become a fan and become engaged (in the discussion). The first topic of discussion  is the question I am  probably asked most often: When people first wed, they…
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Medical Insurance and Divorce: One Law Repealed- Another Enacted

Two years ago, Domestic Relations Law 177 was enacted, requiring parties to acknowledge their awareness that following the divorce they would no longer be eligible for medical insurance through their spouse on the basis of their marriage. Recently, the laws governing equitable distribution were amended to require courts to consider the loss of medical insurance…
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Marriage Takes a Hit in NFL- Higher than Average Divorce Rates

With training camps open and the pre-season about to begin, the Times reports that  60 to 80% of NFL players’ marriages will end in divorce. This statistic is really not all that surprising. Football players, at least during their playing careers, like other athletes and celebrities, enjoy a fantasy-like life of privilege and temptation. The…
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Cost of Medical Insurance -A Required Consideration in Divorce

In the present political climate, health care and medical insurance coverage are hot button topics. But, for those going through divorce, medical coverage has long been a fertile topic for consideration. It was for this very reason that a law was enacted two  years ago (and discussed here)  requiring parties to a divorce to acknowledge…
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