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Communicating With Children of Divorce- What Shouldn’t You Say?

  As difficult as divorce is for the parties, it is far more traumatic for the children. When parents divorce, every aspect of the children’s life is up-ended as they watch their parents prepare to go to war against each other. Children, who should enjoy the unconditional love and affection of both parents, may be…
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Lies: Good or Bad for a Marriage?

Not all lies are equal or bad, so says Elizabeth Bernstein in the Wall Street Journal. No one would ever claim that lies about infidelity would be acceptable. But, as Ms. Bernstein urges, “the fibs and feints and little white lies that serve as a social salve and help a relationship run smoothly.” Some of…
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Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook, Round 2- Is the Custody Fight Over

The custody fight of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook reared its ugly head again. Last year the case settled after several days of lurid testimony about Peter Cook's affair with a teenage store clerk and revelations that he spent thousands of dollars downloading pornography. Sophia Chang and John Valenti report in Newsday that the in…
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Parents Cannot Contract Away Child Support Obligations

A finding of emancipation terminates the parental obligation to pay child support. For this reason, the issue is oft litigated. The typical divorce settlement agreement provides that child support will terminate on the happening of an “emancipation event” which is defined by parties’ settlement agreement, but generally includes the child’s death, marriage or entry into…
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