Monthly Archives: December 2009

Give the Gift of Divorce

Nothing says I hate your spouse better than a gift certificate to consult with a divorce attorney. Bruce Carton in the Law Blog Watch, reports that one London law firm, Lloyd Platt & Company, is offering a gift voucher that entitles the bearer to a consultation with a divorce lawyer. The consultation touches upon "all…
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Can You Insure Against Divorce?

The success or lack of success of a marriage is apparently now statistically predictable. Since is it predictable, it may soon be possible to insure a marriage against divorce. reports that J. Christopher Westland, a professor of information and decision sciences, at the University of Illinois at Chicago, through an analysis of census data,…
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Texting: The New Way to Get Caught Cheating

There has been much ado, of late, about how text messages are the new lipstick stain on the collar-the telltale sign of an adulterous relationship. Indeed, both  Laura Holson in the  New York Times and David Wright on  Nightline did stories about this phenomenon, which has recently brought down Tiger Woods, Mayor Khame Kilpatrick of…
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Tiger’s Silence Keeps Wife From Arrest

What really happened to Tiger Woods? We will probably never know- though we can speculate. If the voicemail released of Tiger Woods pleading with a lover “Can you please take your name off my phone?” is authentic, perhaps the car accident was the result of a heated argument that escalated violently out of control. On…
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