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Divorce and Taxes: Joint or Separate Returns, Children as Dependents

The deadline for filing tax returns is approaching.   For those going through divorce, questions abound; should I filed as married or single? a joint or separate return? Can I take the children as dependents? Carley F. Mealey, an accountant at the Brisbane Consulting Group prepared an informative newsletter, Tax Tips for the Divorcing Couple, which…
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Getting Divorced-Stay Off Facebook!

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers issued a recommendation that people going through or contemplating divorce stay off Facebook and other social networking sites. As reported in the Arizona Divorce and Family Blog: "Going through a divorce always results in heightened levels of personal scrutiny. If you publicly post any contradictions to previously made statements…
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Should There Be No Fault Child Custody Laws?

Ruth Bettelheim in the Huffington Post and in an op-ed piece in the New York Times argues that we should have no-fault custody legislation. Ms. Bettelheim’s correctly urges that custody battles are damaging to children. Indeed, most family law practioner’s would agree that children are the unintended victims in contested divorces, particularly when custody is…
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Can Video Surveillance Be Used in a Divorce

When one spouse suspects the other of having an affair, the knee jerk reaction is to hire a private detective to get the"smoking gun.” It is permissible to hire a detective to “snoop around” even when the spouse having the affair has an obtained an order of protection against the other. “The hiring of a…
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