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Parents of Twins More Likely to Divorce

Parents with twins are more likely to end up divorced, broke and out of work. Married couples were 17 per cent more likely to divorce if they had twins or triplets rather than several children with gaps in between according to a study conducted by the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, commissioned by…
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Girlfriend of Married Man Pays for Alienation of Affection

“A spurned wife in North Carolina has made her husband’s mistress pay for ruining their marriage — literally — by suing her successfully for $9 million.” In most states, including New York, the adulterous lovers of married people are safe; they can not be sued for alienation of affection. The cause of action has been…
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New York Courts Have Jurisdiction To Dissolve Civil Unions

A New York court has jurisdiction to hear an action to dissolve a civil union validly entered into outside of this state and to equitably distribute the property acquired during the civil union. New York courts have recognized and been increasingly accepting of the rights of same sex couples. New York will, for instance recognize,…
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Financial Fights That Cause Divorce

When all is said and done, aside from child custody, the biggest issues in divorce are about money. Indeed, money is often the root cause of divorce.  If money concerns are not the reason for a divorce, they may be symptomatic of deeper marital problems. According to the Street, the types of financial fights that…
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Tips for Dealing with Divorce Related Depression

While going through a divorce,  it is natural to feel isolated, depressed and stressed out. Therese Borchard on Beliefnet offers several tips to lessen the effects of divorce related depression. Find a diversion and lose yourself in it. Whether it be reading, knitting, swimming or some other activity- keep your mind occupied and stop ruminating about…
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