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Studies Consider Behaviors Predictive of Divorce

The reasons why marriages fail and couples divorce have been studied ad nauseum.   Apparently, everything, including your smoking habits, age and even the state in which you reside is predictive of your odds of divorce. Annli Rufuse on the The Daily Beast details 15 of these studies. Here are some of the more interesting ones: If…
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Child Removed From Country Without Parent’s Consent May Be Ordered Returned

The United States Supreme Court ruled that an order prohibiting the removal of a child from a country without the non-custodial parent's consent is enforceable under an international child abduction treaty, In Abbott v. Abbott, the father and the mother divorced in Chile. The Chilean court granted the mother custody of their son while allowing the…
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Child Custody and Same Sex Relationships

New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, granted a non-adoptive or biological parent visitation with her former same sex partners’ child. In a very narrow ruling, the Court in the case Debra H. v. Janice R., held that only biological or adoptive parents can seek visitation or custody of children. The parties, Debra H.…
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Same Sex Divorce- Available in New York, Questionable Elsewhere

While more states are allowing same sex marriage, obtaining a same sex divorce may be problematic. Though the District of Columbia and five states have legalized same-sex marriage, CNN is reporting that some states, which do not recognize same sex marriage explicitly ban same divorce or will not even recognize the validity of the marriage.…
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