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Daniel Clement Wins Award

  It is always a pleasure to share good news. I was selected by the  New York Enterprise Report  as one of the Best Attorneys for Growing Businesses in the category of Professional Services.   I am honored to have won this award. I have been, and will continue to be, dedicated to professionally serving the…
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Divorce Spreads Through Social Networks

In a fascinating study, divorce was found to be contagious. According to a study at the Framington Heart Study, a person whose friend or sibling gets a divorce is more likely to get divorced As detailed in the study , the researchers found that: Divorce is the dissolution of a social tie, but it is…
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Why No Fault Divorce Should Be Enacted in New York

In view of news reports of the hopeful passage by the New York legislature of a “no fault” divorce law, I have been repeatedly asked, “what is no fault divorce” and “why is this no fault divorce so important. A no fault divorce essentially allows a couple to dissolve a marriage without assigning fault; typically…
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Mother Jailed for Alienating Daughters from Dad

In a highly unusual move, a judge ordered a mother jailed for interfering with husband’s visitation with his children. In Lauren R. v Ted R. Justice Robert Ross ordered to the mother to report to jail for repeatedly violating the terms of the court orders regarding the father’s parenting time. The mother’s imprisonment coincides with…
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Older Couples Divorcing More

There seems to be a trend among couples in long term marriage, with grown or emancipated children, getting divorced. In fact, there are reports that rate of divorce is increasing the fastest among this segment of the population. Al and Tipper Gore’s surprise announcement last week that they were ending their 40 year marriage is…
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