Monthly Archives: March 2011

Four Advantages of Using a Business Valuation Expert in a Divorce

Essential to every contested divorce is assembling the right team of experts to assist the attorney formulate the theory of the case.   This is particularly so when there is a business, a professional practice, a license or an educational degree that requires valuation. Mark Gotttlieb in his blog Forensic Perspectives offers four examples of how…
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Social Networking and Divorce: Proceed At Your Own Risk

It is well know that social networking sites provide fertile ground for discovering incriminating material during a divorce.   Facebook, for instance, may supply a treasure trove of information which may belie a party’s litigation position.   Indeed, a claim of sudden poverty by the “moneyed spouse” could be impeached by photos of a new car or…
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Same Sex Marriage Found Valid: Surviving Spouse Allowed to Inherit

A New York appeals court has recognized the widowed spouse of a same sex marriage as the surviving spouse for the purpose of inheriting under a will.   In affirming a Surrrogate's Court ruling, the Appellate Division in the Matter of the Estate of H. Kenneth Ranftle, recognized as valid, a Canadian same-sex marriage. While…
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