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New York’s First Divorce Trial: The Marriage was Irretrievably Broken

After the first no fault divorce trial in New York, a Long Island court found that the parties’ marriage had irretrievably broken down and the wife was granted a divorce. In July, the same Supreme Court judge ruled that the mere allegation in the complaint that the parties’ marriage had irretrievably broken down did not…
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The Failure to Pay Child Support: A Nationwide Crisis

Obtaining an order requiring the payment of child support is only half the battle; actually collecting child support is entirely another story. details that: According to the latest comprehensive child support numbers from the US Census Bureau, only 41.2 percent of custodial parents receive the full amount of support owed them by their ex-spouses.…
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Why Mediate Your New York Divorce?

Divorce Mediation can be an effective alternative to litigating a divorce in court.  Rather than being adversaries in a courtroom, mediation allows you and your spouse to be engaged decision-making partners in resolving your divorce.   Divorce mediation allows you and your spouse, with the assistance of a neutral mediator, to structure a settlement that resolves…
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Mother Interferes with Visitation & Loses Custody

Some parents just do not get it; interfere with the other parent’s visitation or attempt to alienate the child from the other parent and risk losing custody of your children.   In Barrington v. Barrington, a mother was not satisfied with sharing joint custody of her children.   Instead, as the court found at trial:  the mother…
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