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Why You Should Retain an Attorney in Your Divorce?

There is no requirement that a party in a divorce hire a lawyer.   The internet, my website, included, is full of legal information and forms.   So, armed with plethora of online information, more and more people are attempting to save money and do the “do it yourself divorce.”   Is that a mistake? I think…
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How To Waive the Attorney Client Privilege By Email

After I had been emailing a client at the email address she had given me, I noticed something odd in my email program - my client’s husband’s name appeared as the sender of the emails she was sending me. When I questioned the client about this and she explained that the address she gave me…
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What is the Purpose of a Preliminary Conference in a New York Divorce?

The first court appearance in most litigated divorces in New York is the Preliminary Conference.  In other states, this initial appearance is called a case management conference. The preliminary conference serves several purposes.  One of the primary purposes of the preliminary conference is to identify the issues that are in dispute.  Since not every issue…
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