Monthly Archives: November 2012

No Right to No Fault Trial; New York Appellate Court Rules

The Appellate Division has unanimously affirmed a trial court decision, which held that there is no right to litigate the allegation that a marriage has irretrievably broken down under New York’s no-fault divorce law. Under New York’s no fault divorce law, DRL 170(7), a divorce will be granted where: The relationship between husband and wife has…
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Technology Facilitates Better Communication Between Parents in New York

One of the major reasons marriages fail is that the parties are unable to communicate. After the parties divorce, their ability to communicate generally does not improve, though, for divorcees who have children, continued communication is a necessity. As any divorced parent knows, on a weekly basis, parents have to be able to coordinate drop-…
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Hurricane Sandy: Will It Increase New Yorker’s Rate of Divorce?

Hurricane Sandy tragically reeked havoc on New York and New Jersey.     The loss was catastrophic.  Sadly, families lost their homes, all their possessions and their lives.   The cost is immeasurable and cannot be calculated in dollars. Interestingly, the hurricanes effects will also impact New Yorker’s marriages and relationships. According to Karla Starr in her article…
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