Monthly Archives: January 2014

How Do I Ask My Fiancee for a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

Congratulations, you just got engaged. You and your fiancée are on cloud nine, Nothing could be better. Now you have garner the strength to utter the most unromantic words –"I want a pre-nuptial agreement."   How do you do it? Given the high divorce rate, a pre nuptial agreement offers a hedge against the unfortunate,…
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Is Child Support Really Being Paid?

Here is a depressing statistic - 80% of all custodial parents do not receive all of the child support owed to them. According to a Congressional study, only 2.7 million (19%) of the 14.4 million custodial parents eligible for child support are paid all of the child support to which they are entitled. In New…
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