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What Should I expect From My Initial Meeting With a Divorce Lawyer?

If you are coming to see me or any other divorce attorney, you are looking to change something in you marital relationship. When we first meet, I know nothing about you or your situation. You know the facts, the figures, the vices, the problems, and the issues. You also have an idea about what you…
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Why Are Separation Agreement Filings Down in New York?

According to a study, since the advent of no fault divorce in New York, divorces based on separation agreements are down. This is really not surprising. In the old days (until about 4 years ago) to obtain a divorce, you had to allege and prove fault grounds; living separate under a written agreement for a…
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Who Gets Custody of a Dog or Cat in a New York Divorce?

When marriages and relationships end in New York, the parties frequently fight about who gets custody of the couple’s dog or cat? How are disputes involving family pets resolved? Are the four legged family members to be distributed like a sofa or a television or is custody to be awarded like children? Historically, family pets…
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