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VisitationSome Parents Are Unfit To Be Alone With Their Children

May 7, 2008

I am a firm believer that children should be able to enjoy a relationship with both parents. But, every once in awhile there is a case that leads me to believe that some children should never be allowed to be near their parents in an unsupervised setting.

This story, which appeared in the New York Times about an ex Minnesota Viking Darrion Scott is one such case.

The former Vikings defensive lineman Darrion Scott was charged with assault and accused of holding a plastic dry-cleaning bag over the head of his 2-year-old son. Scott, 26, was charged with third-degree assault and domestic assault by strangulation, both felonies. According to the complaint, the boy’s mother said Scott said he was playing with the child and wanted to see if the boy could get the bag off his head himself.

The first time I read the father’s defense I was certain I had mis-read it. Scott’s  inane defense was that  he was playing with the child and wanted to see if the boy could get the bag off his head himself.

What was he thinking?

Most normal parents shudder at the mere thought of their child with a plastic bag over their head. This father actually admitted to putting a bag over his son’s head. I cannot fathom how this father should ever be permitted to be with his son or any other child in an unsupervised setting.

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