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Child SupportDivorceMarriageProperty DivisionHow To Get Through The Holidays When You Know You Are Going To Divorce?

November 30, 2022

Going through a divorce is difficult regardless of the timing, but if you are having serious marital problems and are planning to soon divorce, the holidays can be even worse. The stresses of seeing family, entertaining guests, and trying to ensure your children have a good holiday season can lead to conflict. If you have decided to divorce but opted to wait until after the holidays to move forward with filing, there are still some important steps you can take to keep your sanity and prepare for your next chapter.


If Appropriate, Talk to Your Spouse

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage together, try your best to openly communicate about how you want to handle the holidays. Address whether you want to tell anyone about your plans, and try your best to set ground rules to avoid unnecessary conflict.


Allow Your Children to Have a Festive Holiday

You and your spouse are getting divorced.     The children are not.     Regardless of whatever holiday you are celebrating, be unselfish and allow them to have one last peaceful holiday as a family.    When it is time to tell the children about the impending divorce,   you and your spouse should do it together without pointing fingers and disparaging each other.


Gather Paperwork

Some of the most challenging aspects of divorce are logistical. If you are planning on ending your marriage, there is a good chance that you will need to open up your own bank accounts, get your own credit cards, or even rent a new home. To do these things, you need to ensure you have the necessary documents to accomplish these tasks. Take the time to collect your social security card, passport, pay stubs, or any other documents you need to establish a financially independent life.    Regardless, you will have to provide your divorce attorney with these records to address the financial issues in the divorce.


Take Stock of Your Financial Situation

It’s no secret that divorce can be financially challenging. Use the holidays to assess how much cash you have on hand,  determine your credit score, and evaluate your marital and non-marital assets. Importantly, do not run up your credit cards or clean out your joint accounts, as doing would be improper and will severely impact the resolution of your divorce


Speak to a Lawyer

Finally, speak to a New York City divorce attorney as soon as you recognize that divorce may be on the table. Merely consulting with a lawyer does not necessarily mean that your marriage will end, but doing so can provide you with valuable information about your legal rights and how the divorce process in New York works.

An experienced divorce and family law attorney can help you understand how your marital assets may be divided, how child custody will be determined, and how spousal support and child support are calculated.


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