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New York Divorce and Pet Custody- What Are the Best Interests of Your Dog or Cat?

Pet custody is now a real issue in New York divorce cases. A newly enacted  law requires “courts to consider the best interest of companion animals when awarding possession of the animal during divorce or separation proceedings.”   The “best interest” criteria is the same standard courts employ in contested child custody cases. In the past,…
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7 Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Court Appearance

In the past year, the legal landscape has changed. For now and for the foreseeable future, most court appearances in divorce cases in New York will be virtual and will not be conducted in person. So, what do you need to know to make the most out of your virtual court appearance? Make no mistake,…
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How To Complete the Net Worth Statement in Your Divorce

If there is a single most important document in connection with your divorce, it would be the statement of net worth. So what is it, and how do you fill it out? A net worth statement is a document prepared at the beginning of a case and, as its name suggests, sets forth your net…
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How To Avoid Mistakes in Hiring Your Divorce Attorney

  You or your spouse have decided it's time to end the marriage and divorce. Your natural inclination may be to find the toughest, most aggressive attorney, the pitbull attorney, to fight for everything you think you're entitled to, but this could be a big mistake and, in this video,  I will tell you why.…
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How Can I Reduce My Maintenance Payments: Should I Pre-Pay Maintenance?

A client recently asked me an interesting question. The client wanted to know if he should pre-pay his spousal maintenance, giving his wife a large cash payment upfront, or should he pay the maintenance out over the course of the term. What is Maintenance? Maintenance, or as it is better known, alimony, is a payment…
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How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

"How much will my divorce cost?" This is the question I am asked most often on an initial call with a potential client. While not an entirely improper question, my answer may surprise you.  Click on the image or here to watch the video This question is really like going to the doctor and asking…
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7 Tips: How to Hire the Best Divorce Attorney

For many, hiring a divorce attorney is their introduction to the legal system. Maybe you have hired an attorney to handle the purchase of your home, but that transaction Your and your family’s future is at risk. You don’t want to hire any divorce lawyer; you want to hire the best divorce attorney to represent…
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Post Covid-19 Divorce: Is Now A Good Time To File for Divorce?

As the country re-emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic and the New York courts re-open, there will be a surge in divorce filings.  Even the strongest of marriages will be strained after couples were confined together for the duration of the stay-at-home orders, suffered a loss of income, endured an endless stream frightening headlines, all while…
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