Post Divorce and the Holiday Blues

I stumbled on these article,  about the holidays, loneliness and sadness brought about by  a change, like divorce.

On Thanksgiving, as well as other holidays, most of us have an ideal of how the day should go. We want the house to look perfect, the children to be cooperative, the food to be delicious and plentiful, the relatives to behave. Yet some disappointment is inevitable. For one thing, holidays involve change in the daily routine and even minor changes can be stressful.

For some, the holiday means face-to-face confrontation with major changes. What is supposed to be a celebration seems more like a painful reminder of what was lost and what might have been. Perhaps this is the first year your daughter will be visiting her in-laws out of state. There may be an empty chair at the table because a family member is serving overseas or is in the hospital. Maybe this is the first Thanksgiving after a divorce or a loved one's death.

Remember, you are not alone.   Reach out and get help.


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