Will Sir Paul get burned in his divorce

Paul McCartney announced recently that he was seeking a divorce from his present wife Heather Mills. The question most frequently asked, is why didn’t Paul (since we all seem to familiarly call him by his first name) have a pre-nuptial agreement. Whatever the reason he didn’t we can only speculate.

Regardless, I believe that under New York law, most of his assets would be safe.    Paul acquired most of his wealth prior to his current marriage so that would be his separate property and, therefore, beyond the claims of his current wife. Where Sir Paul has exposure is on the issue of spousal maintenance. Certainly, Heather Mills became accustomed to living the jet set lifestyle enjoyed by one of the richest men in the world.   She has the right to continue to enjoy that lifestyle.  

How it will play out in the English system, and what Paul will have when he turns “64”, only time will tell.” 

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