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Removal of Religious Barriers to Remarriage: Court Seizes Husband’s  Passport  As Punishment for Failure to Give a Get

Unless an Orthodox Jewish woman obtains a get from her husband, she cannot re-marry after the civil divorce is granted.  Because of this religious barrier to remarriage, an Orthodox wife can easily find herself imprisoned in her dead marriage, isolated and ostracized from her community. So important is it for religious women to receive the...

Spousal Maintenance and the “Tax Man”

Divorce sometimes has its bittersweet moments. That certainly applies to payments of spousal maintenance for both the payer and the recipient because of the tax implications. For the party making maintenance payments, the bitterness of parting with your income is sweetened by the fact that the payments are generally tax deductible. This is true whether...

More Money, More Problems: 3 Big High Net Worth Divorce Mistakes

The stakes are high in any divorce. During a divorce, decisions are made that will affect the course of the rest of your life emotionally, practically, and financially. The stakes are even greater – and more complicated – in a high net worth divorce.  Complicated ownership “schemes” of significant and diverse assets can make it...

New York Parenting Plans: Handling Holidays and Vacations in Child Custody Agreements

When you look back on your childhood, it’s likely that some of your most vivid and impactful memories are from family vacations or time spent together on holidays. The family road trip, a visit to Disneyworld, gathering aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins together for Thanksgiving – these are the moments we remember. As parents, we...

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